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Full Potentail Blog #10 - Time

Hey everyone! I hope all is going well, and you had an amazing month of September. If you haven't yet, make sure to check out the previous blog posts! Feel free to share this blog with friends or family members! Main goal is to help as many people as I can reach their FULL POTENTIAL! This month's blog will be about TIME! Let's get started on taking another step closer to reaching your Full Potential!!!


Time is something that makes us all equal at the start of our lives. We all get the same amount of time in a day, no more no less. It's 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds that everyone gets. It's something we wish we had more of, something we can't change and something we wish we could get back. Time is something we will never be able to get back.

The most successful people know this, so what do they do about it? Everyone gets the same amount of time during the day, that is a fact. What you do with your time is what makes it worth more. Successful people make the most of their time. They aren't average people and waste time. They set goals and each day they make the most of their time and work on hitting their goals. To be really good at something, no matter what it is, you have to be willing to put your time into that thing. Rather it be a singer, dancer, writer, athlete and more you have to put time in and grind on those goals to make it happen. Think about how much time you spend on not reaching your goals. For example, being on your phone, watching TV, going out to parties, laying in bed, sleeping an extra hour or two. Deep down you know those things aren't helping you reach your goals, you are just being lazy and falling into your comfort zone. DON'T waste time if you really want to reach something great, because TIME waits for NOBODY.

People always say they want to be good or great in something, but in the end they don't put in the time to be good or great. Everyone has the same amount of time. So, why are some better than others in things? School for example, kids who make great grades in college are normally the ones who put in the time, who put in the study hours, who go to class, take notes, then go home do homework and go over the notes.They are the kids who grind out school work and do extra in the class. Those are the kids who do well in school. Why? Because they put in the time to set themselves up to do well. Putting in time for things like school, sports and other things are going to make you different than social norms, but they are going to make you great in your goals. Athletes, if you want to be great at your sport, you are going to have to put in the time for it. Deep down, really think about it. If someone is out working you, would that settle easy in your stomach, if you really want to be the best? Don't go to parties, don't go through the motions, don't dream about it, do it. If you want a great relationship with someone whether friend, family member or loved one, you have to put in the time with them to make it a great relationship. I want you to think, what is something you really want out of life? Then think about how you can maximize your 24 hours each day to help you reach that goal. One thing I do, is I have my phone set to military time. Because it is a count down of the hours that I have left of the day. For example, if it says 18:00 I know that I have 6 hours left of that day to get things done that I know will help me reach my goals.

Time is the same for everyone. But the question is, what are you going to do with it? Waste the time you can never get back? Or make the most of your time, and put in the time to reach your goals. So, after reading this I want you to plan out your day. See what you can improve on and see where you are wasting your time and try to cut that down. Don't waste time. IT waits for NOBODY and you can't get it back.

I want to give Keli Fortuna a huge shout out for becoming one of my Patreon's. It really means a lot and I truly can't thank you enough. Thank you so much!!!

Book Recommendation
I Feel Like Going On, Life, Game and Glory
By: Daniel Paisner and Ray Lewis

Thank you guys so much for reading this month's blog about Time. Please feel free to share this blog with anyone you would like. Make sure to subscribe!!

- Sean Michael Hosford
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