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What's up everyone?! I Hope the month of April has been awesome for everyone! Make sure to check out previous blogs if you haven't already. Also, don't be shy about spreading the word about Full Potential Blog with friends and on social media. This months blog is about Habits and how they will help you reach your Full Potential! Lets get started on taking another step closer to reaching your Full Potential!!!


Good habits are something that all successful people do. Hint the first word of that sentence "GOOD"! There are good habits and bad habits you can do. In life it seems like the common thing for people is to easily fall into bad habits. Bad habits come along so easily in life and one thing or moment can set you back for a life time of bad habits. Good habits are hard to gain and maintain. Why is that? Because anything good in life usually comes with a price or sacrifice. Good habits are things you have to do consistently or you will fall out of that good habit and quickly into a bad habit. Good habits are hard and that is why successful people do them because they are willing to do the hard things in life to gain the reward most won't.

This blog is personal for me because I struggle with good habits. I know how to do them, I know what good habits are and I know what it takes . It's just staying focused and on path of keeping my good habits. Examples of good habits that people do are: make a routine, plan out their days, read or learn to grow as a person, take care of their health, prioritize their daily tasks and execute all those things everyday. Making habits of good things will make you organized. For example filling out a planner and looking at that planner on a daily basis. You will know what needs to be done that day, when you work, when assignments are due for school or when you have an event or party coming up in the month. When you know what you have coming up and plan for it, it will take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. A lot of successful people wake up early to get a head start on their day. They read to grow and learn, maybe workout before work or just get ready for the day. Whatever you do, make a routine of all your daily activities. Getting a head start in a 50 meter dash makes you feel pretty good for the race especially when you have a routine each time.

Good habits are hard to make and maintain for sure. Make those good habits a priority till they become muscle memory and you wouldn't think twice about doing it, you just do it. The thing that throws a lot of people off when they make a good habit is when something new happens in their life. For example, traveling or taking on a new job or task. When these things happen make sure to make time for your good habits and knock them out. Don't procrastinate your good habits. Just because something new happens doesn't mean you shouldn't continue your good habits. When you do your good habits you feel good about yourself, your self-esteem will go up, your steps will go down, you will be prepared for the day.

I'll talk about bad habits briefly. Bad habits are easy to do like sleep in or do your work at the last moment. Bad habits are bad though, so don't do them. I just got done reading this book called 360 Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell. He mentioned something in his book that I think will help break your bad habits. Instead of making a to-do list make a "Stop-Doing" list. Like for example some of my things on that list is: don't gossip, don't procrastinate, don't blame others and don't take things for granted. Making a "Stop-Doing" list helps you notice and recognize when you are doing a bad habit. Make that list to help you realize that those are the things that hold you back from being a better person and soon you will stop doing those bad habits.

Here is my thing, we are told the keys on how to be successful but only a handful of people actually become successful. Why? Because they value their good habits that make them the person they are and don't go a day without doing them. They work hard on a daily basis with these habits to put them in the best spot they can possibly be in. They do these things everyday for so long it becomes normal and would seem weird or off if they didn't do those habits. Good habits can't hurt you they can only help, so do them. Start off with just making one good habit. Get it down to muscle memory then add one more and keep adding. Good habits take time, give it time and grow into those good habits. Good habits are an amazing thing and I challenge everyone who is reading this to:

1. Make a "Stop-doing" List to help get rid of your bad habits.

2. Add one habit you want to do right after reading this and make it happen.

Do GOOD HABITS to help you reach your Full Potential!!


Don't Give UP, Don't Give In

BY: Louis Zamperini & David Rensin

Thank you so much for reading this month's blog on Habits. I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe to keep updated with new posts.

- Sean
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