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Full Potential Blog #2

Hello everyone, I hope all is going well and you are having an amazing holiday season. For this month's post I will be talking about my own personal favorite quote and how it will help you reach your Full Potential. Lets get started on taking a step towards your Full Potential!

" Failures are one of life's biggest blessings."
-Sean Hosford

Starting with this quote, I want to go into detail about the word failure and what it really means in this quote. Failure should have quotations around it because it really means times of learning. If you go through a struggle, but learn and grow from it, that is in fact a win, not a failure! By overcoming a hard time, you have made a better version of yourself because of that failure. When you fail in life it is the best time to grow as a person. You can learn so much from the hard times in your life and push yourself to not return to those hard times. You have to dig down deep and be honest with yourself when times are hard. Ask yourself "How can I make this situation positive?". The moment you believe that you have failed and decide to give up and quit is when you have truly failed yourself. Instead, learn from your mistakes, improve your knowledge, and strive to get back up and come back stronger. Most successful people don't become successful on their first try. They have to start someplace and learn form their "failures" and mistakes to reach the level of success they have earned and enjoy today. Imagine if everyone gave up on something the first time they failed. Nobody would ever be successful.

Why is a failure a blessing? A failure is a blessing because it challenges you as a person. It allows you to become a better person and help you reach your Full Potential. The question is how do you react when you "fail"? Do you give up and quit or do you learn and strive from it? I love when people say "I don't lose - I learn". That little saying can go a long way in life. Think about that for a moment. You learn what you did wrong so it won't happen again next time. You learn how to complete your task better. That is how you grow as a person. Failures are blessings because they are some of the best times for you to learn and help improve everyday life.

When I was in grade school I was not a good reader. Reading was my worst enemy. I fell way behind my other classmates with my reading level and I was "failing" to keep up with them. Because of this, my parents but me in a tutoring program for reading. I hated going because I thought it was for "dumb" kids and wasn't cool. Going to tutoring was embarrassing for me at first. One time I threw a big fit and cried about going to tutoring. Looking back now, it was extremely silly and embarrassing to make such a scene, but I was so ashamed at the time. I would even hide the fact that I went to tutoring from my friends because I was so embarrassed about it. After three years and many tutoring sessions, I had finally caught up to my classmates! It was because of all the hard work that allowed me to reach the same level of reading as my classmates. Looking back at it, working hard and catching up was one of my proudest moments. Despite my failures with reading, I decided to keep getting extra help and work my way up to where I needed to be. That was a hard time in my childhood, but now I look back and realize how lucky I am to grow and become a better reader. Today I still struggle a little with reading but I have grown to enjoy it and improve myself to be better everyday. Just because something is hard or you experience failures, it doesn't mean you are not able to improve and catch up. Instead, make the decision to get back up and come back stronger!

So, when you "fail", be thankful. Don't dwell on it and allow it to set you back. Take it on head first. Grow from it. Learn from it. Fix your mistakes. Be excited to become a better person and move in the direction of hitting your Full Potential.

Book Recommendation:
Man's Search For Meaning
BY: Viktor E. Frankl

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By: Kolin Hayes

I highly recommend listening to these awesome 20 minutes or less motivational podcasts each week. The link for the podcast will always be under the "Podcast" tab on the home page.

Thank you so much for reading this month's blog on "Failure". I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe to keep updated with new posts.
- Sean
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