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Full Potential Blog #4


What is up my people? I hope the month of March has been treating everyone well. If you haven't yet, feel free to check out last month's blog about Being Brutally Honest with Yourself. This month's blog is about Goals and how they will help you reach your Full Potential. Lets get started on taking another step closer to reaching your Full Potential!!!


Goals help give our lives a purpose. They are something we work for and feel accomplished once they have been reached. Goals can be huge or small, daily or life-time, personal or team-related. They come in all types of forms and shapes. So, how does one go about determining what the right goals are for them? Goal Setting! When setting a goal, make sure that whatever it is that you want to accomplish means something to you. Don't set a goal about something you don't enjoy doing or something you don't care about because it won't be as fun or rewarding. Instead, figure out what you value in life and help base your goals off of that. Whether that is family, school, sports, faith, money or whatever it is that you value. By doing this it will make the process of working and achieving your goal way more meaningful. The second thing I would recommend is making some of your goals short and others long-term. Short-term goals will make you feel good once you finish them but they should also help you take steps towards your long term goals at the same time. Long-term goals are things you want to reach in five years or more from the present. It will keep you focused and excited about things and make you live everyday with a purpose.

One thing I think is really important that some people don't do very well is knowing that it is okay that your goals can change. When someone sets a goal and they don't reach it, they are "depressed" or feel like they "failed' but that is just not true. For example, I wanted to be a Chiropractor and run my own business in chiropractics. I didn't reach this goal because I couldn't make the grade I needed in chemistry. It was hard not reaching this goal but at the same time I knew that when I was trying to reach that goal I was moving one degree closer each day and learning new things. Sometimes things don't go as planned, but for me that wasn't wasted time because I still learned a lot, I met people, grew as a person and learned what else I want to do in my life. I think people get caught up in trying to reach their goals as soon as possible instead of enjoying the ride. The climbing and hard parts of the journey to reach your goals is what makes it fun and rewarding.

I say 'aim as high as possible' because, why not? Don't sell yourself short just because you are scared to never reach your goal. If you aim as high as possible and come up short, chances are you are stilling going to be higher than most! For example I have a friend who never won a state title in wrestling. but still had a goal of being a Division One National Champion. People doubted him and said he wouldn't be anything in college. Just this past weekend at the NCAA Championship he didn't become champion but he became a Division One All-American at one of the toughest weight classes in history. He came short of being a National champion but he reached a status that only a select amount of wrestlers reach each year. People didn't think he would all-American but here he is today, a division One All-American! So aim high and if you fall a little short you will still be better off than most.

Everyone is different and has different goals, so find a way that will remind you of your goals. For example I have a journal that I try and write my goals in everyday to help reminded me and make me think about how each day I can move towards my goals. Whether it is writing your goals once in a mirror, writing once on a sheet of paper that you carry in your wallet, reminder on your phone or whatever works for you. Just find a way to remind yourself. Everyday just try and move one degree towards your goals because change just even one degree can lead you to a completely new destination. Imagine moving 365 degrees a year and where and how you can end up! Stay positive and try to move just one degree a day towards your goals and it will add up!

Goals are unique to everyone just like everyone's purpose in life. They help us plan our life and achieve accomplishments. Set your goals on what you love to do, what you value and what makes you feel good about yourself. Find a way to remind you what your goals are everyday. Make some you can reach right away or daily and make some long-term goals. Keep your head up, move towards your goal everyday and know that not reaching your goal is more than okay! You can't fail if you learn. Goals are an amazing thing to help you grow and get what you want out of life.

Set goals to help you reach your Full Potential!!




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- Sean
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