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Full Potential Blog #8- Chin-up, Chest-out

What's up, my fans? I hope the month of July has treated everyone well. I've got some exciting news about my blog and moving forward that I will mention at the end of this blog! If you are a new reader, feel free to look back at the past blogs to help you grow! Also, please feel free to share with friends and family on social media! This month's blog is about keeping your chin up and your chest out! Let's get started on taking another step closer to reaching your Full Potential!!!

Chin-up, Chest-out

Many people today don't take pride in who they are and what they do. They form to what "social norms" are. To reach YOUR Full Potential, you need to keep your chin up and chest out for YOU! Your potential is different than other people's, so why fold to the norm of society? Doing that is just holding yourself back. Whatever it is; writing, working, school, sports, acting, podcasts, religion, sexuality, or family - take pride in it! Don't do things for other people, but instead find what really makes you happy. Own it and walk with confidence. With that being said, be confident in what you do, but also be open minded and present of other people's opinions. Most people aren't happy because they want to be part of the social norms and put on a facade to the rest of the world. By loving who you are and what you do, you then can truly reach happiness. Don't try to please everyone in order to look good because that really isn't what makes you happy deep down. It is difficult for people to realize, but we are the ones who get to control and decide what impacts us and how much something may mean to us, not others.

Self-respect, respect yourself and what you do! Take ownership in what you do, good and bad. If you work hard, know that and own that. At the same time, know that you can always get better and always keep your chin up and chest out to grow with confidence. Nobody is the same, that is a sure thing, so take ownership and be confident in what makes you different. Being confident in what you do also makes you become a leader in what you do. People would rather follow and be led by someone who is confident in their work because of the strength and courage that it shows!

When do you think the hardest time is to keep your chin up and chest out? Both failure and the lack of support from people around you. Nobody would blame you if it would seem too difficult and you would rather quit - but that is where and when it is imperative to push yourself and it starts with keeping your chin up and chest out. When things are hard people bail out and don't stick with it. But guess what? It is also the best time to grow - so keep your head up and bounce back! The joy of success is because of the climb that it took to get you there. That means the reward is worth it because of the struggle and hard times you had to go through to get to the top. One thing I think keeping your chin up and chest out is all about is owning your mistakes. Believe it or not, owning your mistakes gives you more confidence in yourself, meaning you aren't scared to own up to what you have done because you know that it was wrong and you are willing to fix it.

Always keep your chin up and chest out. Own who you are and what you do. Own your mistakes and downfalls, stay humble and open minded. Love who you actually are and you will truly be happy. Don't get caught up on "social norms". When things are hard, keep your chin up and chest out to know that things will get better and that it is the best time to grow as a person. Getting down about one thing can ruin your day if you let it, but that does nothing for you. Bounce back and come back better than before. Chin-up, chest-out to reach YOUR Full Potential!!!!


So this is the exciting news!!! I now have a patreon for Full Potential Blog. I always want this blog to be free for anyone at all times to help people grow and reach their Full Potential, but with that being said you can also support this blog as little as $2 a month. There are tiers that can get you a shout out and hand written letter from me as well and more will come. I have two marks set! The first one is if I reach $500 month I will start releasing two blogs a month instead of one. The second mark is if I reach $750 a month I will start a video log on youtube about motivation and this blog. Like I said my blogs will always be free because I want to help as many people as I can reach their Full Potential!! But, if you are interested in supporting my blog for as little as $2 dollars a month ill will post the link at the end of each blog but you can also find it on the website in the upper right corner under Patreon! Thank you guys so much!!

Book Recommendation:

The Soul of a Team

By: Tony Dungy

Thank you guys for reading this month's blog on Chin-up Chest-out. Feel free to share this blog on social media and with friends and family members. Also feel free to check out my Patreon! Thank you for reading and don't forget to subscribe!!

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