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Full Potential Blog #9 - Invest in Yourself

What's up everyone, we are back at it and I hope the month of August was a great one for everyone! At the end of this blog I have one big shoutout to a new Patreon! If you are new to this blog please feel free to check out previous posts. Also, please feel free to share this with friends and family. I want you to reach out to one person who could use these blogs to help better themselves, because that's what I want to do, help as many people as I can! This month's blog is about investing in yourself. Let's get started on taking another step closer to reaching your Full Potential!!!

Invest In Yourself

When I say invest in yourself I don't exactly mean put money into yourself, even though that can be a part of it. I mean put time, effort, hard work, be open minded, eat healthy and put faith into yourself. Investing in yourself means you are growing to be better, you are growing to be successful, you are figuring out what you want and what makes you happy. Here is a quote by Norman Mailer- "Every moment of one's existence is growing into more or retreating into less." Think about that for just a second! Every second of everyday is a chance to grow but most people retreat for hours or the entire day. Ask yourself am I doing things that are helping me or just setting me back from growing right now. I'll give you an example of one thing I fall victim to. Social media, it can be a helpful tool to keep you updated and in touch with things but that is not what the majority of people do with it now! You only have 24 hours in a day, 6-8 hours are sleeping and the sad part is young people almost spend 4-8 hours looking at their phone looking at social media. We are wasting our time looking at social media. The reason it is a waste of time is because you are just looking at highlights of peoples lives. Social media is not for humble people because it is just a place to post and brag of what you are doing and what you have. Humble people don't do that. Stop looking at social media and wish you had what others have, instead take 5 minutes or an hour to just sit and think about what you really want. People just fall into social norms, because its what everyone else does and they lose sight of what they actually want and believe. That's' not investing in yourself. You are just being normal like everyone else. Be uncommon, invest in what you want. Don't waste time comparing highlights.

Move forward each day in your life. Set goals and invest in yourself each day to reach those goals. Don't care what other people think. Stay true to what you want, that is why it is invest in YOURself. Not others. One thing I do to help me grow and become a better person is I read a book a month. I learn so much from one book and then I get to apply what I learned in my life. I know it isn't politically right to talk about your faith, but it is something I will stand up for and share. I'm not trying to make you religious or anything but one way I Invest in myself is through faith and walking day by day with God. I read the Bible everyday and it teaches me so many great things, it helps me to be a better person. I will not back down about sharing my faith, because I am true to who I am. Another thing that can help you invest in yourself is find out what you really want, not what society wants, not what others want but what you want. Put time into yourself, put things on pause and put time in what you really want for yourself. This might seem selfish but it actually isn't, because when you put time in yourself, you become the best you and that is truly when you can help the people around you. The best you is the best version to share with people. You may think oh I will lose people if I take time for myself, you're right you might, but the ones who stay and support you are the people you want in your life. Those are the people who want to help you but also want your help back.

Be selfish, you only have a certain amount of time each day. Don't waste it comparing highlights and bragging on social media. Instead, put the phone down and read a book. Go outside and see what God has created. Go to class or go to work excited and thankful that you have a job. Do something that makes you happy, not other people, but what makes you happy, be successful. Invest in yourself first so you can help others to your maximum. Don't half ass things. Invest in YOURself and the people who stick around are the people who support you and love you for who you are and not the fake you. Be you! Take pride in it. Make a decision each minute of your life of am I growing or am I retreating? Lets grow people and make this world a better place. Invest in yourself!!

I want to give Laurie Walls a super big shout out for being the first person to donate money on my Patreon for a shout out! It really means a lot Laurie and I appreciate it more than you know! Thank you so much!

Book Recommendation:

The Energy Bus

By: Jon Gordon

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